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Real Names

So you wanna know what their real names are? Well then you've come to the right place! I have put the wrestler's wrestling name and then there real name! I have the only ones I know on this page that are in the WWF right now, and I take them offf if they leave and add wrestlers on if they enter the WWF. If there are any names on here that I don't have of wrestlers or anyone else that you see in wrestling then tell me their real names and I will add them! Thanks for all your help!

Billy Gunn - Monte Sopp
Big Boss Man - Raymond Traylor
Big Show - Paul Wight
Bradshaw - John Layfield
Hardcore Holly - Bob Howard
Grand Masta Sexa - Brian Christopher Lawler
Birtish Bulldog - David Smith
Brooklyn Brawler - Steve Lombardi
Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love - Michael Foley
Chris Jericho - Chris Irvine
Christian - Jason Reso
Chyna - Joanie Laurer
Crash Holly - Erin O'Grady
Debra - Debra Marshall (soon to be Williams)
D-Lo Brown - A.C Conner
Michael Hayes - Michael Seitz
Edge - Adam Copeland
Faarooq - Ron Simmons
Fabulous Moolah - Lillian Ellison
Gangrel - David Heath
Godfather - Charles Wright
Triple H - Jean Paul Leveseque
Ivory - Lisa Moretti
Jacqueline - Jacqueline Moore
Jeff Hardy - Jeff Hardy
Jerry "The King" Lawler - Jerry Lawler
Kane - Glen Jacobs
Kurt Angle - Kurt Angle
Al Snow - Allen Savren
Lita - Amy Dumas
Terri - Terri Runnels
Matt Hardy - Matt Hardy
Mideon - Denis Knight
The Kat - Stacey Carter
Chaz - Chaz Warrington
Paul Bearer - William Moody
Albert - Matt Bloom
Rikishi Fatu - Solofa Fatu
Road Dog - Brian James Armstrong
The Rock - Dwayne Johnson
SGT. Slaughter - Robert Remus
Shawn Michaels - Michael Hickenbottom
Steve Blackman - Steve Poll
Steve Austin - Steve Williams
Taka - Takao Yoshido
Test - Andrew Martin
Thrasher - Glenn Ruth
Tori - Terri Power
Undertaker - Mark Calloway
Val Venis - Sean Morley
Viscera - Melson Frazier
x-pac - Sean Waltman

For any wrestlers that are not in the WWF right now, but wre in it in the past, and you want their real name check out my other page!

Q: What has the response been to your most recent installation?

Paul: Most people have been very disturbed by it. Death threats aside, I feel this is a good thing.

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Whats their names? The Rock says it doesn't matter what their names are. But I think it does matter what their names are! So, I'm tellin you their REAL NAMES!If ya smell what I'm cooking!