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Here is where you guys, come in! You send me an article and I put it in here! check the Contact Me page for more information! @ the NEW & IMPROVED WWFNSIDE.COM you can still write articles so start writing now.........

The New Age WWF!

The WWF's New Age. Watch wrestling 10 years ago and then watch it now, it has change a lot. Its more sexual, has swearing, and acts to bad for kids. Its scary how wwf has gotten this bad in less than five years. It makes me wonder what the future of wwf, wrestling and all television is going to come to in the future. When will they STOP! and relize some of this stuff is bad! Leading stars that have made this organization so bad are stonecold, mick foley, DX and much more.......... It has come so bad that kids are braking bone, bleeding and dangering themselfs. Kids want to act just like them and try to do it even better than the wrestlers. I don't know? I do think that it is also the parents opionion wether or not they watch it but don't you think they should watch what they do.

So JON VAUGHN (WANTS YOU) to right an article anything just send it in!

This article contributed by Cathy Croswell.

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