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Welcome to wrestling's Inside The Squared Circle!

WWFNSIDE.COM- moved to a homestead over December, but because now, there really is a! I stopped that site and have made a new site, covering WWF,WCW, ECW, and independent companies with much more than WWFNSIDE has for stuff!
Its called
Just Rastlin! Just Rastlin! Just Rastlin!

link is below........

Hey wrestling fans. You watch wrestling all the time on television and you buy everything they sell, but do you know the inside? Real names of wrestlers, news and rumors, and everything else you need to know to be the best wrestling fanatic in the WORLD is in this site! This site covers everything in the WWF and a whole lot more!

Thanks for coming to my site and now your site to! My name is Jon Vaughn, if you didn't know that.I am a huge wrestling fan. I have made this site to tell all of you information I have found out searching over the net every day! read a ton of articles and emailing people that work in the WWF! In this site find out a lot of news, and rumors, get to right your own articles that can be put own here. Ask me questions, find out wrestlers real names, when there contracts are up and whos the champs, and a lot more daily updated information! That you need to know to be the biggest wrestling fan.! This site is all about the journey of becoming a professional wrestler with me Jon Vaughn! It all starts this summer, and will go to wrestling organizations and hopefully to wrestling stardom!!!!!!
@ read about the journey,see pics, read personal info and other info, get a free email at, chat with others and maybe even Jon Vaughn! THE JOURNEY IS NOW!!! so go to and start the journey today.....................
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